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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

4: Complaints and discipline

104   Resourcing of Tribunal and nomination of executive officers

Funding of Tribunal and recovery of costs and fines

    104 Resourcing of Tribunal and nomination of executive officers

  (1)  For each proceeding against a health practitioner, the responsible
authority must---

      (a)  pay the fees payable in respect of the proceeding to the members of
the Tribunal; and

      (b)  pay any actual and reasonable expenses incurred by or on behalf of
the Tribunal in respect of the proceeding; and

      (c)  make available to the Tribunal, at the authority's expense, suitable
premises, the person nominated under subsection (2), and secretarial

  (2)  Each authority appointed in respect of a profession must nominate 1
person who is to be the Tribunal's executive officer for the purpose of
proceedings brought against health practitioners of that profession.

  (3)  An authority may at any time revoke its nomination under subsection (2)
by nominating another person under that subsection.

  (4)  Before an authority nominates a person under subsection (2), the
authority must consult the chairperson of the Tribunal.

  (5)  An authority is not entitled to direct a person whom it has nominated
under subsection (2) as to the discharge of the person's duties as
executive officer.

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