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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

6: Structures and administration

117   Status and capacity of authorities

Status and functions of authorities

    117 Status and capacity of authorities

  (1)  Every authority appointed by or under this Act is a body corporate with
perpetual succession, and has and may exercise all the rights, powers, and
privileges, and may incur all the liabilities and obligations, of a natural
person of full age and capacity.

  (2)  Each authority may exercise its rights and powers, and may incur
liabilities or obligations, only for the purpose of performing its

  (3)  For the purposes of the exercise or performance of the powers, duties,
and functions of an authority, the persons who for the time being are the
of the authority are to be taken to be the authority.

  (4)  All decisions relating to the powers, duties, and functions of an
authority are to be made---

      (a)  by the authority in accordance with Schedule 3; or

      (b)  by a committee or person authorised to make the decision concerned
under a delegation given under clause 17 or clause 19 of Schedule 3.

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