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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

6: Structures and administration

120   Membership of authorities

Members of authorities

    120 Membership of authorities

  (1)  The Minister---

      (a)  may, by notice in the Gazette, appoint up to 14 members for each
authority; and

      (b)  must ensure that each authority has at any time at least 5 members.

  (2)  The membership of an authority must include,---

      (a)  a majority of members who are health practitioners; and

      (b)  2 laypersons, if the authority has at any time 8 or fewer members;

      (c)  3 laypersons, if the authority has at any time 9 or more members.

  (3)  Before the Minister appoints a member for an authority, the Minister

      (a)  publish a notice that---

          (i)     invites organisations and individuals to nominate persons for
appointment as members of the authority; and

          (ii)    states an address or addresses to which nominations may be
sent by a stated date; and

      (b)  consider every nomination received by the stated date in response to
the notice.

  (4)  Regulations made under this Act may provide that 1 or more health
practitioners appointed, under subsection (1), as members of an authority must
be practitioners (in this section referred to as elected
practitioners) who have been elected in an election conducted by the
authority in accordance with those regulations.

  (5)  If an elected practitioner ceases to hold office before the expiry of
his or her term, the Minister may, by notice in the Gazette, appoint
a person who has not been elected as a member of the authority for the
remainder of the term of that elected practitioner.

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