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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

6: Structures and administration

121   Term of office

    121 Term of office

  (1)  Each member of an authority takes office from a date specified for that
purpose in the notice appointing the member or, if no date is specified in the
notice, from the date on which the notice is published in the

  (2)  Each member---

      (a)  is appointed for a term of 3 years or any shorter term that is
specified in the notice of appointment; and

      (b)  may be reappointed from time to time, but is not eligible to be a
member for more than 9 consecutive years; and

      (c)  continues in office after the expiry of his or her term of office
(unless the member resigns or is removed from office) until---

          (i)     the member is reappointed; or

          (ii)    the member's successor is appointed; or

          (iii)   the member is informed in writing by the Minister that the
member is not to be reappointed.

  (3)  Despite subsection (2), a member of the authority whose term of office
has expired or who has resigned from office continues in office for the purpose
completing any matter heard by the authority before the expiry of the
member's term of office or the member's resignation, whether or not
that member's successor has come into office.
Compare: 1981 No 5 s 3A

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