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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

6: Structures and administration

124   Minister may audit authorities

    124 Minister may audit authorities

  (1)  For the purpose of ascertaining whether an authority is complying, or
has complied, with the provisions of this Act, including, without limitation,
principles set out in section 13, the Minister may appoint an auditor to audit
the records of the authority.

  (2)  The auditor must report to the Minister on the matters, stated in
subsection (1), that are to be ascertained by the audit.

  (3)  The auditor---

      (a)  must be given access at all reasonable times to all records of the
authority; and

      (b)  may require the Registrar of the authority to provide any
information and explanations that, in the auditor's opinion, may be necessary
to enable
the auditor to prepare the report.

  (4)  Within 12 sitting days of receiving the auditor's report, the Minister

      (a)  present a copy of the report to the House of Representatives; and

      (b)  give a copy to the authority.

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