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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

6: Structures and administration

126   Conciliation conference

    126 Conciliation conference

  (1)  If it appears from a response provided, under section 125, by an
authority that there is a significant difference of opinion between the
Minister and the
authority on any matter, the Minister may, by written notice to the authority,
convene a conciliation conference.

  (2)  Before the Minister gives an authority a written notice under subsection
(1), the Minister must consult with the authority about the proposed

  (3)  A notice under subsection (1) must---

      (a)  appoint a time and place for the conference; and

      (b)  invite the chairperson of the authority to participate in the
conference; and

      (c)  invite the chairperson to nominate 2 other members of the authority
to participate in the conference.

  (4)  The conference is attended---

      (a)  by a person (the conciliator) appointed by the Attorney-General to
preside over the conference; and

      (b)  by either---

          (i)     the Minister with up to 2 assistants; or

          (ii)    up to 3 representatives of the Minister; and

      (c)  by the chairperson of the authority and the members nominated under
subsection (3)(c).

  (5)  The aim of the conference is to---

      (a)  clarify the nature of the difference in respect of which the
conference has been convened; and

      (b)  resolve that difference.

  (6)  As soon as practicable after the conclusion of the conference, the
conciliator must report to the Minister and to all the members of the authority
on the matters that the parties to the conference resolved and on the matters
that are still in dispute.

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