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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

6: Structures and administration

127   Disputes about overlapping scopes of practice

    127 Disputes about overlapping scopes of practice

  (1)  This section applies if, after the publication of a notice under section
11(1), it appears that there is a dispute (in this section and in section 128
referred to as the dispute) between 2 or more authorities as to
whether a scope of practice or any part of a scope of practice should form part
of an authority's profession.

  (2)  Each authority that is a party to the dispute must---

      (a)  use its best endeavours to resolve the dispute; and

      (b)  inform the Minister in writing of the nature and circumstances of
the dispute; and

      (c)  for every month that the dispute continues, provide the Minister
with a written report on the progress being made to resolve the dispute.

  (3)  The Minister may assist the authorities to resolve their dispute in any
way the Minister sees fit, including,
without limitation, by advising each authority in writing of
1 or more options for resolving the dispute that the
Minister considers to be desirable.

  (4)  Each authority that is party to the dispute must, in endeavouring to
resolve the dispute, take into account any advice that the Minister gives to
the authority under subsection (3).

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