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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

6: Structures and administration

146   Cancellation of registration on authority's direction

    146 Cancellation of registration on authority's direction

  (1)  The responsible authority may direct the Registrar of the authority to
cancel the entry in the register relating to a health practitioner, and give
him or her notice of the cancellation, if it is satisfied that he or

      (a)  obtained registration by making a false or misleading representation
or declaration (whether oral or written); or

      (b)  was not entitled to be registered.

  (2)  The authority may not give a direction under subsection (1) unless it
has first---

      (a)  informed the health practitioner concerned why it may give a
direction under that subsection in respect of the health practitioner; and

      (b)  given the health practitioner a reasonable opportunity to make
written submissions and be heard on the question, either personally or by his
or her

  (3)  If no appeal against a direction under subsection (1) has been made
within the time provided by this Act, the authority may direct the Registrar to
the cancellation in any publications the authority directs.

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