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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

7: Miscellaneous provisions, consequential amendments and repeals, and transitional provisions

170   Regulations

    170 Regulations
The Governor-General may, by Order in Council made on the advice of the
Minister given after consultation by the Minister with any authority affected
by that advice, make regulations for any or all of the following

      (a)  regulating the procedure of---

          (i)     all or any authorities:

          (ii)    all professional conduct committees or any class of
professional conduct committee:

          (iii)   the Tribunal:

      (b)  specifying in respect of any particular authority the number of
members of the authority to be appointed by the Minister in accordance with the
results of
elections conducted by or on behalf of the authority:

      (c)  providing in respect of elections required by paragraph (b), in
relation to all authorities or any authority,---

          (i)     for all health practitioners or any class of health
practitioner registered, or deemed to be registered, with the authority to be
eligible to
vote at the elections:

          (ii)    for the times (expressed by 1 or more dates or periods) and
intervals at which the elections are to be conducted:

          (iii)   for the manner in which the elections are to be conducted:

          (iv)    for the method and procedures for determining the results of
the election:

      (d)  providing for any other matters contemplated by this Act, necessary
for its administration, or necessary for giving it full effect.

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