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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

7: Miscellaneous provisions, consequential amendments and repeals, and transitional provisions

222   Extension of office of elected members of registration bodies

    Following enactment of this Act no elections to be held for registration

    222 Extension of office of elected members of registration bodies

  (1)  In this section,---

period of transition    means the period that commences on the commencement of
this section and ends on the day that is 1 year after the date on which this
Act receives the Royal assent

relevant enactment    means---

      (a)  the Dental Act 1988; or

      (b)  the Medical Practitioners Act 1995; or

      (c)  the Pharmacy Act 1970; or

      (d)  any regulation or rule made under an Act specified in any of
paragraphs (a) to (c)

relevant registration body    means---

      (a)  the old Dental Council; or

      (b)  the Medical Council of New Zealand (being the Council continued by
section 122(1) of the Medical Practitioners Act 1995); or

      (c)  the Pharmaceutical Council.

  (2)  At no time in the period of transition may an election under a relevant
enactment be held to elect 1 or more members of a relevant registration

  (3)  If the term for which an elected member of a relevant registration body
was elected expires during the period of transition, the member, unless sooner
vacating office under the relevant enactment, continues to hold office
throughout the period of transition as a member of that body.

  (4)  If at any time during the period of transition a vacancy occurs in the
membership of an elected member of a relevant registration body, the Minister
may, by notice in the Gazette, appoint any person to fill that
vacancy, and that person holds office under subsection (3) as if he or she were
the elected member who is replaced by the appointment.

  (5)  This section overrides any relevant enactment.

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