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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

2: Registration of, and practising certificates for, health practitioners

23   Assessment of practitioners practising under supervision

    23 Assessment of practitioners practising under supervision
If an authorisation of a scope of practice requires the inclusion in the
scope of practice of a condition referred to in section 22(3)(a) that the
applicant practise under supervision, the authorisation may also include the
following conditions in the scope of practice:

      (a)  that 1 or more of the health practitioners, under whose supervision
the applicant practises, assess, and report to the authority at intervals
by the authority (whether generally or in relation to any particular case or
class of case) on, the performance of the applicant; and

      (b)  that each of those reports set out a recommendation as to whether
the condition requiring the applicant to practise subject to supervision should
continue to apply.
Compare: 1995 No 95 s 16(4)

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