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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

2: Registration of, and practising certificates for, health practitioners

24   Decisions of authority on registration

    24 Decisions of authority on registration

  (1)  As soon as the responsible authority authorises a scope of practice for
an applicant, the applicant is authorised to be registered as a health
practitioner, and the Registrar must promptly register the applicant by
entering in the register the information about the applicant required under
section 138(1).

  (2)  The Registrar must promptly notify an applicant who has been registered
of the applicant's registration, the scope of practice in respect of which
he or she has been registered, and the reasons for any conditions included in
the applicant's scope of practice.

  (3)  If the authority, after considering an application for registration,
decides that the applicant should not be registered, the Registrar must
promptly notify the applicant of the decision and the reasons for it.
Compare: 1995 No 95 s 36

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