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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

2: Registration of, and practising certificates for, health practitioners

26   Applications for annual practising certificate

Practising certificates

    26 Applications for annual practising certificate

  (1)  Every health practitioner who wishes to obtain an annual practising
certificate must apply to the Registrar of the responsible authority in
accordance with this section.

  (2)  Every application for an annual practising certificate must---

      (a)  be in the form, and include the information, that is determined by
the authority, including a statement specifying whether or not the applicant
is, at
the date of the application, practising the profession in respect of which the
authority is appointed; and

      (b)  be accompanied by the fee (if any) set by the authority.

  (3)  If, after receiving a duly completed application under this section, the
Registrar considers that none of the cases
stated in section 27(1) applies to the applicant, the Registrar must issue to
the applicant an annual practising certificate.

  (4)  Despite subsection (3), if any fine imposed on a health practitioner
under section 101, or any costs payable under an order made under that
section, or any costs or expenses payable under an order made
under section 92(4), remains unpaid, the Registrar may advise that practitioner
in writing that the Registrar will decline to issue a practising certificate to
that practitioner until the fine or costs or expenses are paid.

  (5)  If, under subsection (4), the Registrar declines to issue a practising
certificate to a health practitioner, the practitioner may, by written
application to the authority, request the authority to review the
Registrar's decision, and, on any such application,---

      (a)  the authority must, as soon as practicable, review the Registrar's
decision, and must either confirm or revoke that decision; and

      (b)  the Registrar's decision has effect, or ceases to have effect,
Compare: 1995 No 95 s 51

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