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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

3: Competence, fitness to practise, and quality assurance

37   Matters to be observed in reviewing competence

    37 Matters to be observed in reviewing competence

  (1)  The form of a review under section 36 is at the authority's discretion,
but in every case the authority must give the health practitioner
under review---

      (a)  a notice containing sufficient particulars to inform that health
practitioner clearly of the substance of the grounds (if any) on which the
authority has decided to carry out the review; and

      (b)  information relevant to his or her competence that is in the
possession of the authority; and

      (c)  a reasonable opportunity to make written submissions and be heard on
the matter, either personally or by his or her representative.

  (2)  When a health practitioner exercises the right under subsection (1)(c)
to be heard personally, the practitioner is entitled to the presence of a
person of his or her choice.

  (3)  Subsection (1)(b) is subject to section 154.

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