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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

3: Competence, fitness to practise, and quality assurance

41   Recertification programmes

    41 Recertification programmes

  (1)  For the purpose of ensuring that health practitioners are competent to
practise within the scopes of practice in respect of which they are registered,
each authority may from time to time set or recognise recertification
programmes for practitioners who are registered with the authority.

  (2)  A recertification programme may be made to apply generally in respect of
all health practitioners, or in respect of a specified health practitioner, or
in respect of a specified class or classes of health practitioner.

  (3)  A recertification programme may require a practitioner to do any 1 or
more of the following at intervals (if any) prescribed in the programme:

      (a)  pass any examinations or assessments, or both:

      (b)  complete a period of practical training:

      (c)  undertake a course of instruction:

      (d)  permit a health practitioner specified by the authority to

          (i)     any or all of his or her clinical and other practices:

          (ii)    any or all of his or her relations with other health

          (iii)   any or all of the clinical records of the practitioner in
relation to his or her patients or clients:

      (e)  undergo an inspection:

      (f)  adopt and undertake a systematic process for ensuring that the
services provided by the practitioner meet the required standard of competence.

  (4)  Every recertification programme must allow a reasonable time for a
practitioner to whom it relates to
comply with its requirements.

  (5)  The authority may exempt any health practitioner or class of health
practitioner from all or any of the requirements of a recertification

  (6)  Within 20 working days after a recertification programme is set or
recognised by the authority, the Registrar must notify every health
practitioner who is required to undertake the programme of that fact and of the
details of the programme.
Compare: 1995 No 95 s 63

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