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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

4: Complaints and discipline

78   Compliance with requirement to provide information or document

    78 Compliance with requirement to provide information or document

  (1)  A person who receives a notice under section 77 must, without charge,
comply with the requirement stated in the notice in the manner and within the
period (being not less than 10 working days after the notice is given to the
person) specified in the notice.

  (2)  Subsection (1) does not require a person to provide any information or
produce any document that would be privileged in a court of law.

  (3) No person is required to produce to a committee any papers, records,
documents, or things if compliance with that requirement would be in breach of
an obligation of secrecy or non-disclosure imposed on the person by an
enactment (other than the Official Information Act 1982 or the Privacy Act

  (4)  Every person commits an offence, and is liable on summary conviction to
a fine not exceeding $10,000, who, when required to comply with a notice given
under section 77,---

      (a)  refuses or fails without reasonable excuse to comply with the
notice; or

      (b)  knowingly or recklessly provides information that is false or
misleading in any material particular.

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