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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

4: Complaints and discipline

93   Interim suspension of registration or imposition of restrictions on practice

    93 Interim suspension of registration or imposition of restrictions on

  (1)  At any time after a notice has been given to a health practitioner under
section 92(1), the Tribunal may, if it is satisfied that it is necessary or
desirable to do so, having regard to the need to protect the health or safety
of members of the public, order that, until the charge to which that notice
related has been disposed of,---

      (a)  the registration of that health practitioner be suspended; or

      (b)  the health practitioner may practise as a health practitioner only
in accordance with conditions stated in the order.

  (2)  The Tribunal may make an order under this section on the recommendation
of the Director of Proceedings or a
professional conduct committee, or on its own initiative.

  (3)  The Tribunal does not have to give the health practitioner notice that
it intends to make the order.

  (4)  The order must---

      (a)  be in writing; and

      (b)  state the reasons for it; and

      (c)  state clearly the health practitioner's right to apply to the
Tribunal to have it revoked; and

      (d)  be signed by the chairperson or a deputy chairperson of the

  (5)  The appropriate executive officer of the Tribunal must also ensure that
the health practitioner, any employer of the health practitioner, and the
responsible authority are promptly given a copy of the order.

  (6)  The order takes effect from the day on which the copy is given to the
health practitioner.

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