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Medical Practitioners Act 1995

II: Restrictions on Practice of Medicine
10   Misleading descriptions

   10. Misleading descriptions---(1)  No person shall hold that person, or
 any other person, out (whether directly or indirectly) as practising
 medicine, or being entitled, qualified, able, or willing to practise
 medicine, under the title of a medical practitioner (as defined in
 section 2 of this Act) if that person or, as the case may be, that other
 person is prohibited by section 9 of this Act from practising medicine
 under that title.

   (2) No person shall use or permit to be used any words, letters, or
 symbols that the person intends to cause, or are reasonably likely to
 cause, anyone else to believe that the first-mentioned person or any
 other person---
   (a) Holds any type of registration, or a certificate, under this Act;
   (b) Possesses a qualification in medicine or any branch of
 unless the first-mentioned person or, as the case requires, that other
 person holds that registration, certificate, or qualification.
     Cf. 1968, No. 46, s.69 (3)
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