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Medical Practitioners Act 1995

V: Competence
60   Review of practitioner's competence

                                 PART V


   60. Review of practitioner's competence---(1) The Council---
   (a) May, at any time; and
   (b) Shall, on receiving notification of a determination made under
         section 92 (1) (a) of this Act,---
 review the competence to practise medicine of any medical practitioner
 who holds a current practising certificate, whether or not there is
 reason to believe that the practitioner's competence may be deficient.

   (2) In conducting a review under subsection (1) of this section, the
 Council shall consider the following matters:
   (a) Whether, in the Council's opinion, the practitioner has the skill
         and knowledge required to practise medicine in accordance with
         his or her registration; and
   (b) Whether, in the Council's opinion, the practitioner's practice of
         medicine meets the standard reasonably to be expected of a
         medical practitioner who holds registration of the type held by
         the practitioner.
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