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Medical Practitioners Act 1995

VIII: Discipline
Complaints Assessment Committee
88   Complaints assessment committee

                     Complaints Assessment Committee

   88. Complaints assessment committee---(1) Subject to section 91 of
 this Act, the president may from time to time appoint, in relation to a
 particular case or class of cases, 2 medical practitioners and 1 person
 who is not a medical practitioner to be a complaints assessment
 committee, and may at any time revoke any such appointment or
 reconstitute any such committee.

   (2) Before making any such appointment, revocation, or reconstitution,
 the president shall consult with at least 3 members of the Council
 (including at least 1 member who is not a medical practitioner).

   (3) No member of the Council or the Tribunal shall be appointed to be
 a member of a complaints assessment committee.

   (4) The president shall appoint 1 of the members of each complaints
 assessment committee to preside at meetings of that committee.
     Cf. 1988, No. 150, s. 45 (1), (4)-(6), (9)
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