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Medical Practitioners Act 1995

VIII: Discipline
Complaints Assessment Committee
91   Requests for changes to membership of complaints assessment committee

   91. Requests for changes to membership of complaints assessment
 committee--- (1) Within 5 working days of being informed under section 90
 of this Act of the intended membership of the complaints assessment
 committee that is to consider a complaint about, or conviction of, a
 medical practitioner,---
   (a) That medical practitioner; or
   (b) In the case of a complaint, the complainant,---
 or both, may request that any or all of the intended members not be
 appointed as members of that committee.

   (2) Every such request shall be made in writing to the president, and
 shall be accompanied by the reasons for the request.

   (3) The president shall have regard to any request made under this
 section, but shall not be obliged to comply with it.
     Cf. 1988, No. 150, s. 45 (8)
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